Endodontology - canal treatment

Endodontology is a field of dentistry which involves the diagnostics and treatment of root canal problems.

Poor treatment and poor root canal fillings ultimately lead to inflammation not only of the tooth itself, but also the surrounding bone tissue, resulting in early tooth loss. Even the most good-looking restoration or crown will not last if the canal is poorly filled.

Only a properly treated and filled tooth can support bridges, crowns, and other orthopedic structures for many years!

Our treatment methods, modern endodontic equipment and specific tools, as well as the professionalism of our dentists, allow us to rescue even heavily damaged or infected teeth, prevent complications leading to tooth loss, serious soft and bone tissue diseases, and prepare teeth for further dental prosthesis.

Dental cyst treatment

A dental cyst is an infectious disease of the oral cavity in which a sac of tissue filled with pus occurs in the bone tissue of the jaw. The problem may arise from tooth trauma, untreated tooth decay or pulpitis, tooth extraction failure, or even just weakened immunity. The disease is quite common, but few people treat it – in most cases it is immediately sent for removal. We aim to preserve the tooth and always address the problem with this in mind. The method of treatment is selected individually on a case-by-case basis.

Tooth decay treatment

Tooth decay is a pathological change that can occurs in teeth immediately after their eruption. The decaying process manifests itself in the form of a defect of varying depths in the hard tooth tissues or in the form of brown or white spots (initial tooth decay). Tooth decay therapy should be started as soon as it is detected, since the affected tooth is the source of infection.

If neglected, the disease may complicate into pulpitis (inflammation of the tooth nerve) or periodontitis (an inflammatory process in the ligament holding the tooth in place). In order to avoid such complications, you should see your dentist on a regular and timely basis.

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