Dental prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is a set of preparatory, therapeutic, and restorative measures. Usually, several problems are identified during examination which need to be resolved through a specially prepared treatment plan in order to achieve the best results.

Fixed dental prosthesis

For fixed dental prosthesis we use crowns with maximum biocompatibility:

porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
porcelain crowns

Dental prosthesis on implants

Prostheses are more secure on implants than on natural teeth and it is quicker and more comfortable to get used to them. We offer prostheses:

with single porcelain-fused-to-metal or porcelain crowns
with fixed bridges
with overdenture restoration based on a minimal number of implants
with highly aesthetic single crowns and long bridges

Removable and clasp dental prosthesis

Fully or partially removable prostheses are used when there are contraindications to the prosthesis or as a temporary prosthesis during long-term treatment. We offer the following types of prostheses:

reinforced with metallic mesh with increased strength
nylon (Valplast technology) combining high strength and elasticity
clasp prostheses, with high functional, aesthetic properties and micro-lock fasteners, providing secure fixation of the prosthesis

Dental microprosthetics

Microprosthetics is the technology of restoring a severely damaged tooth in a more reliable and aesthetic way than a filling. The method is based on creating porcelain inlays according to a mould taken of the tooth. The inlays are made of porcelain or composite material in a dental laboratory. The advantages of microprosthetics with inlays include:

high strength
aesthetic appeal
colour permanence over time
effectiveness and durability of the restoration of a broken tooth

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