Veneers are an excellent material for creating the perfect smile. They are colourless, do not change shape, retain their mould, and have the shine of natural teeth. It’s worth noting that they have high biocompatibility and are absolutely safe for human health, with the high-quality modern materials and manufacturing techniques making veneers strong, durable and wear resistant.

Reasons for fitting veneers

tooth colour defects, including as a result of decay
formation of tooth cracks
tooth development defects or irregular shaping
large gaps between teeth
appearance of pigmentation on the recovering tooth structure
when there are pigment spots around tooth structure or tissue
enamel defects caused by non-decaying processes

Features of veneer fittings

We fit all kinds of veneers (porcelain veneers, refractory veneers, CEREC veneers, ultra-thin veneers, lumineers).

The veneers fully match the colour and shape of your other teeth.

Veneers are manufactured using the CEREC system.

Dental restoration

Cosmetic dental restoration

Dental restoration is the process of restoring the integrity of the crown of a tooth, its chewing function, and eliminating cosmetic defects. You may need restoration in cases of extensive tooth decay cavities, chips, cracks, other damage to the tooth enamel, pathological abrasion of the tooth, stains, or darkened enamel, as well as unaesthetic fillings or even crowns.

Porcelain dental restoration

If there are visible defects, porcelain plates, onlays, or inlays are used. They are attached to the tooth’s surface using a special compound that penetrates the micropores of the enamel. This procedure is known as adhesive tooth restoration. Thanks to modern technology, elements from the porcelain actually become fully integrated with the tooth tissue. For this reason, adhesive restoration is noted for its aesthetic appeal, longevity, and has zero impact on the tooth’s chewing function.

The Pure Whitening system

The only tooth whitening system in the world with guaranteed results and longevity.

This innovative system based on many years of tooth whitening experience can offer each client a perfect radiant smile.

The Pure Whitening system is based on the principles of combining chemistry and physiology, guaranteeing excellent results for each client whatever their natural tooth colour.

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