Consulting a professional always gives better results than home remedies. This also applies to dental cleaning, which should routinely be carried out in a dental clinic and reflect a dentist’s individual recommendations depending on the type of plaque and the condition of the periodontal tissue among each patient. We offer professional dental cleaning using manual instruments, ultrasonic scalers, and an AirFlow air abrasive system.

Timely removal of plaque and tartar that cannot be done simply with a toothbrush will save you from a number of problems, including:

bad breath
 gum inflammation
tooth decay
formation of periodontal pockets
gum recession
tooth and gum sensitivity
tooth movement
bone tissue loss

During preventive cleaning we use:

an AirFlow air abrasive system
special remineralisation pastes

The goal of professional dental cleaning is to prevent diseases and other problems!

We will provide these services to you in our offices in Prague, Mělník, Roudnice nad Labem and Horní Počaply.

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